World Assembly

World Assembly takes place every four years, and gathers IFES students, faculty, staff and board members from the four corners of the globe. It is a time to hear from God, and to share with one another; a time of encouragement, of prayer, and of worship. In the past, God has used this event in remarkable ways to further our ministry.

World Assembly provides an opportunity to:
  • celebrate the Lord’s faithfulness, goodness and generosity to IFES;
  • hear afresh from the Lord through his Word;
  • reflect upon and shape the Fellowship’s vision and mission;
  • meet as General Committee to fulfil our constitutional requirements;
  • encourage one another, and facilitate international fellowship, networking and learning.

3-11 July 2019
South Africa

Our next World Assembly will be held at Durban University of Technology, South Africa.

Our theme for 2019 is: Messengers of Hope. The University in God’s Story.

We live in a world that is in need of hope. God’s Word, revealed in Jesus Christ, brings hope for the world. We want to have our lives reframed as we engage with and explore the grand narrative of the Bible, God’s story of hope.

As followers of Jesus, we too can find ourselves in need of hope. Jesus meets us, as he did the two disciples on the road to Emmaus, and brings us hope; a hope that transforms our lives so that we become messengers of hope in and for the university.

World Assembly is a gathering of those with a shared mission field; as those called to the university. We will explore together the role that the university plays in God’s story.

Please pray with us for the impact of this event; that participants would return with a renewed sense of hope, and a deeper sense of calling to be messengers of hope.


How to attend World Assembly 2019

We hope that those who attend World Assembly will be inspired, encouraged, and equipped for ministry. It is important that those who come see themselves as ambassadors for their national movement, and before the event are gathering stories and prayer news that can be shared with others.

World Assembly participants are selected to represent the breadth of our movement. Delegation managers for each IFES region and national movement will be contacted, normally a year before the event, and asked to nominate participants.

If you are interested in attending World Assembly 2019 and are a member of your IFES national movement, please contact your General Secretary or National Director to find out more.



Student Gathering: 1-3 July 2019

There will be a special Student Gathering as a prelude to the main World Assembly program. This is a great platform for student participants to connect with each other, get to know each other, and plan for their contribution to the World Assembly program.

Students should plan to attend World Assembly from 1-11 July, and there is no additional cost for students to attend this gathering.


What is World Assembly like?

To get a flavour of an IFES World Assembly, watch the video below, from World Assembly 2015 in Mexico.


Past World Assemblies

  • 2015: Mexico. Together. In Christ. In Mission. In the University.
  • 2011: Poland. Jesus Christ: Lord of the Universe. Lord of the University.
  • 2007: Canada. In Christ. Into the World.
  • 2003: Netherlands. Our Global Calling.
  • 1999: Korea. Jesus Christ: Lord of History. Lord of the Future.
  • 1995: Kenya. 
  • 1991: United States of America.
  • 1987: Colombia.

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