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Population: 28.9 million

Capital: Caracas

Official language: Spanish   

Major religion: Catholicism

IFES movement: Movimiento Universitario Evangélico Venezolano (MUEVE)

Venezuela is a diverse country, full of people that claim ownership of their cultural, political, social and religious legacy. In this context, the community decides what they want and do and even believe. Being Christian, preaching the true Jesus Christ and living a life following the precepts given by him, has become a great challenge.



  • 64 public universities y 36 private universities
  • MUEVE groups and pioneering work in 8 universities
  • 11 workers, who work full time and are all volunteers
  • ministry amongst graduates in the whole country (180 graduates)
  • the largest group is in the city of Cumaná, State of Sucre (15-30 students)
  • the smallest group is in the Instituto Universitario de Tecnología José Antonio Anzoátegui (5 students).

MUEVE believes that the training offered by the movement to students who will soon be professionals, is a powerful tool for those who will put their profession at the service of the church and the nation. They rejoice as they see how Jesus has transformed the lives of students and graduates who serve as salt and light.

The university enrolment rate has increased by 200% in the whole of the country. And yet, the growth of the MUEVE groups has not followed the same growth rate. Forming new student groups is therefore a great challenge for them.


View from inside

Rosarelys Martínez, the General Secretary of MUEVE, says: ‘I got to know Jesus in the context of a local student group when I started my university studies. My life made sense from then on. I could see the Lord at work and at the same time, I felt committed to talk to others about him.

‘Having the opportunity to see a community of students and professionals working with passion, and to see that the Gospel is relevant in their lives, that challenges me every day more and it encourages me greatly too.

In her ministry, she feels inspired by Acts 17:28, ‘“For in him we live and move and have our being.” As some of your own poets have said, “We are his offspring.”’


Please pray:

  • for committed students to be true witnesses of Jesus Christ in their centres of studies, available to do the pioneering work in the new universities in a creative and efficient way;
  • for the strength of the movement: the study of the Word;
  • for the reviewing and redirection of the work within the centres of students so that they can bring the good news to the university population.

MUEVE Venezuela

Rosarelys Martínez

General Secretary

Sector José Antonio Páez
Ciudad Bolívar
Estado Bolívar



+58 4168819899

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