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South Asia

South Asia is one of IFES' most diverse regions. It encompasses war-torn nations, a Buddhist kingdom, a closed dictator-led state, and nations gripped by Islam and Hinduism.  Already struggling with much extreme poverty, the region's suffering is often exacerbated by natural disasters. 

All ten of the countries in the IFES South Asia region appear in the Open Doors World Watch List. In eight of those countries, the level of persecution is considered ‘very high’ or ‘extreme’. 


Student ministry in South Asia

  • 5 IFES-affiliated movements
  • 2 unaffiliated movement
  • 3 countries remain to be pioneered
  • largest movement: UESI India, over 30,000 students

Most movements in the region are well established and have a rich history of discipleship and training. Most movements in the region are well established and have a rich history of discipleship and training.

Graduate fellowships are a significant strength of most national movements, but graduates are facing challenges such as work pressures and the tendency to go abroad for better careers. Current students face demanding workloads and struggle to make time for activities, camps and bible studies.

Thanks to the developed graduate support, the movements in Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh are able to raise the majority of their funds locally.

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Please pray:

  • for an opening up of those countries currently closed to the gospel;
  • for renewed vision for board members and staff across the region;
  • for students facing persecution: that their godly lives may draw people to ask them about their faith, and for wisdom about how and when to share the good news with those around them.

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