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South Africa

Population: 51.7 million (2014)

Capital: Pretoria (executive capital); Cape Town (legislative capital); Bloemfontein (judicial capital)

Official language: 11 official languages

Major religion: Christianity

IFES Movement: Students' Christian Organisation (SCO)

South Africa is a diverse country with many different ethnic groups with distinct traditions and customs. Spiritualism and ancestral worship is common. Being a Christian in South Africa is a challenge in the midst of such spiritualism and the rise of other religions.



  • 73 tertiary institutions and 58 SCO groups
  • 8 staff members, a host of volunteers
  • graduate ministry in almost all the provinces of the country
  • largest SCO group members has between 700 and 900 members;  smallest group has 20 to 40 students
  • more than 760 high school groups

SCO is the result of the merger in 1997 of two student movements which were previously divided by apartheid system; the SCA (Students' Christian Movement, working in historically black institutions) and the SCM (Students' Christian Association, predominantly white and English-speaking).

Today SCO is an active and outward looking movement. Students are embracing and living out the main aim of the movement: to share the love of Jesus Christ with their friends and lead them to a personal faith in God. Discerning that God has called them for mission, SCO members have designed a strategic plan and programme that are helping them to fulfil their calling.


Please pray:

  • that SCO remains faithful to the fundamental of its ministry and identity;
  • that God will give them wisdom to respond to contemporary challenges facing the country, such as lack of social cohesion, inequality, poverty, corruption, unemployment and HIV/AIDS;
  • for sustainable means of fund-raising and an increasing number of full-time staff. 

SCO South Africa

Motseki Sosibo

National Director

Students' Christian Organisation
1 Elloughton House
Chapel Lane,Rosebank
Cape Town
South Africa


(+27) 21 685 0942


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