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Population: 98.7 million (2013)

Capital: Manila

Official language: Filipino       

Major religion: Christianity

IFES movement: Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship Philippines (IVCF)

The Philippines is an archipelago of 7,107 islands located in south-east Asia. Its population has an average age of 22.9 years. It is predominantly Catholic (80.9%); evangelical Christians make up only 2.8% and 5% are Muslims. There is a mixture of Spanish, American, Chinese and indigenous (Muslim Malay) culture.

Being an evangelical Christian to many people means coming out of one’s Catholic, Chinese or Muslim roots. In some places people think they are joining a minority group that is heavily influenced by American theology and culture. It is a challenge for students to discover what it really means to be a Christian.



  • 2,247 tertiary institutions, 116 have IVCF groups
  • 39 full-time staff, 2 part-time staff, 271 volunteers
  • graduate fellowship: around 4,000 graduates
  • high school ministry: 54 chapters, 2,665 students
  • largest student group in Davao City: 274 members
  • pioneering groups in many regions with 2-6 members

The greatest strength of IVCF is their devotion to Christ and the serious study of scripture as their sole arbiter in all matters of faith and conduct. Their main challenge is pluralism and materialism in an increasingly hedonistic university sub-culture.

The movement praises God for the extension of their ministry to the community through disaster relief response and for the reawakening passion of students for mission. They have also been delighted to see a reconnection with an increasing number of alumni through social media.


Please pray for:

  • students to remain faithful to Jesus and steadfastly follow his ways after they graduate;
  • more alumni and friends to support the student ministry in the way God wants them to;
  • national recovery from the cataclysmic typhoon that hit the country in November 2013, shattering the lives and livelihood of millions including thousands of our students and graduates and their families.

IVCF Philippines

Christy E. Jutare 

National Director

101 Don Primitivo Street
Don Antonio Heights
Barangay Holy Spirit
1127 Quezon City




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