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Population: 3.6 million (2011)

Capital: Panama City 

Official language: Spanish      

Major religion: Christianity

IFES movement: Comunidad de Estudiantes Cristianos (CEC Panama)

Panama is a multicultural country with an economy that is focused on services, primarily tourism. Being a Christian is normal and accepted, but there is much nominal Christianity, to the point that it is losing credibility.


CEC Panama

  • more than 30 private universities, 4 state universities
  • CEC groups in 2 private and 3 state universities, as well as in regional centres
  • about 20 CEC groups in the whole country
  • 12 staff
  • graduate and high school ministry: about 20 members in each
  • largest student group in the city of Chiriquí (100 members)
  • smallest group in the Business Management School at Panama University (3 members)

CEC is a strong movement with a deep sense of fellowship. They have seen student groups growing, and students are keen to commit themselves to training and formación, and to social action and evangelism. Following a recent mission trip, they thank God that new groups are starting up in two cities where previously there was no ministry.

They are aware of the need to ensure that student leaders pass on their experience to new students so that these groups continue.


Please pray:

  • for the emergence of new staff workers and fully trained and committed student leaders;
  • for students to disciple students so groups are self-perpetuating.

CEC Panama

Idalcy Aguilar

General Secretary

0823-04137 Zona 7 Panamá


+507 223 0803



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