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Population: 2.4 million (2012)

Capital: Windhoek 

Official language: English    

Major religion: Christianity 

IFES movement: Christian Students Fellowship (CSF)

Namibia is a peaceful country in the south-western corner of Africa where freedom of religion is in the national constitution. Christians are therefore free to live and express their faith. At times the government even calls upon the church to help with some moral issues as they surface.



  • 2 main tertiary institutions in Windhoek
  • both with CSF groups – new regional campuses are unreached
  • no staff workers at present; board and graduates are coordinating ministry
  • no graduate ministry although graduates support student leaders
  • each campus group has about 100 students

Despite the fact that CSF does not have any staff workers on campuses, the ministry is growing. There has been consistent student leadership on both campuses over the last few years, in spite of the high turnover rate of leaders due to the short time they spend at university.

However, without a full time staff worker there is a lack of continuity. Strengths developed by one group of student leaders are not passed on, so new foundations have to be laid over and over again.


View from the inside

Talaska Katjiruru is Board Chair of CFS. ‘I will always remember the day when I encountered the movement for the very first time, where I met Reverend Kedric Mapalo with a guitar praising the lord in a big auditorium with a handful of Christian students. He persevered, and through him a movement was born that became home to many of us on that campus and has been home for generations that followed after us. That event will always be an inspiration to me and I will do my level best to support the student movements both in Namibia, Africa and the world at large.’ 

Talaska is challenged by Nehemiah 1 which speaks of rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem: ‘In my context Namibia, which once was known as a praying nation, a Christian nation, is now being scattered by sin and turning away from the lord.’


Please pray:

  • for continuity within the movement as student leaders graduate;
  • for resources to be able to employ a staff worker.

CSF Namibia

Talaska Katjiruru

Board Chair

PO Box 23587 Windhoek



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