Latin America

The number of churches has grown phenomenally in Latin America but societies are battling with poverty, corruption and injustice and remain in need of transformation by kingdom values. In this context, indigenous IFES movements are reaching students with the gospel and producing godly men and women who will influence their nations for Jesus.


IFES in Latin America

  • Largest movements are in the most populated countries: ABUB Brazil and Compa Mexico
  • Smallest movements are in Central America and Uruguay with a few dozen members

Without a doubt, the greatest strength of students in Latin America is their initiative to be involved in mission. In many of the movements there are only one or two workers, who support students in various universities and even in cities. Students are the main protagonists of the university mission!

Poverty, corruption and violence are huge challenges for students in Latin America. But perhaps the greatest is for students to not be ashamed of their faith, but instead share and connect with the academic and social world.


View from the inside

David Bahena is Regional Secretary for Latin America. ‘There is not a more strategic ministry in the world today than student ministry. I've seen its power and influence when it comes to transforming professionals, politicians, business people, pastors, missionaries and NGO leaders with a vision of the kingdom of God. Also there is no better gift than seeing a student give their life to Jesus and then see how God gradually uses this life to impact their generation, their family and their world.

David finds it ‘revolutionary to see students spend days and weeks studying the bible to prepare in the mission.’  He knows that this will result in godly lives, just as it says in one of his favourite bible passages, Psalm 1:1-3: the person who delights in God’s law will be ‘like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither.’


Please pray:

  • for courageous communities of students who know and live in God’s word, who share their love for Jesus, who are serving the needs of the vulnerable, and who enter the academic and ideological discussions of the university from the perspective of a mature and complete faith.

Nov 10

How do we make true disciples of Jesus?

Posted by Ruth Rodas

Is sharing knowledge about Jesus at a monthly or annual meeting enough to help students be like Jesus? I think we would all say ‘no’!

The student who becomes like Jesus does so through discipleship. Discipleship is not merely the transmission of knowledge, but implies a new lifestyle, a new character and a new way of life.

Oct 20

Neighbours loving neighbours: collaborating across borders

Posted by Penny Vinden

Friday 21 October is a big day for the IFES family. It’s World Student Day! Around the globe, students, staff and friends of IFES gather to celebrate what God is doing in schools and universities, and to lift up in prayer the needs of the IFES family.

Jun 30

Talking about suicide

Posted by Penny Vinden

800,000 people a year commit suicide.

Suicide is the second leading cause of death among people 15-29 years of age.

And yet this is a subject that is often taboo in Christian circles.

Not so in Brazil! The country as a whole was so concerned that it designated a month to host special events to highlight suicide prevention.

Mar 24

"Where was God when my boyfriend died?" Looking for Easter joy in a hurting world.

Posted by Penny Vinden

‘God, please save him! Please, Lord, please! I do not understand, really, I don’t understand anything. Why do not you listen to me? Why do you always do what you want?’

Dec 03

Don’t speak. Listen!

Making the ‘Unburden’ banner; ‘without looking, without judging, without speaking’; a student unburdens herself

In a world that is increasingly individualistic, where the problems of others may not seem interesting and where we are full of words, listening to others is thinking ‘outside the box’. In fact when students of ECU Costa Rica decided to listen, people found it surprising beyond belief.

Oct 29

Never been happier to work in a bathroom

I've found a great little space to work on campus and it’s not quite what I expected.

More than a year ago I got together with our AGEUP group to brain-storm ideas on how we could serve our university community. One of our ideas was to build a web platform where students could share links and resources online.

Jul 23

World Assembly 2015 – a world of stories

Posted by Penny Vinden

Greetings from IFES World Assembly 2015 in Mexico!

As I write, participants are still arriving - hundreds of jet-lagged students, staff, board members and other friends of IFES are already here; hundreds more will raise our numbers to about 1,000. Since the beginning of the week, 170  students from 89 countries have been meeting, providing a joyous buzz of energy that is infectious.


Compa Mexico: camp

The Northeast region of Compa Mexico will hold a camp on the theme: Together in the gospel.

Feb 05

An Erotica Expo – are you ready for this?

Posted by Penny Vinden

Students checking out the various booths at ExpoErotica.

Christian students organising an Erotica Expo? Why would AGEUP Peru do such a thing?!

Dec 09

Through the rearview mirror: what can history teach us?

Posted by Jessica Grant

What can a living room, a television and a World Cup match teach us about missions, students and history? In the city of São Carlos, Brazil, the following scene took place twice: in 1974 and 2014.

In 1974, students gathered in the living room of José Zancul because his television was one of the few coloured ones. Mr. Zancul was a supporter of that city's recently created student missionary group and my father was part of that group.


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