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Population: 756,000 (2011)

Capital: Georgetown

Official language: English

Major religions: Christianity, Hinduism and Islam

IFES movement: Inter-School & Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship (IS/IVCF)

Although Guyana is home to beautiful scenery and rich natural resources, it is also a country rife with corruption, drug trafficking, political instability and racial tension. This has resulted in poor living standards, large scale emigration of the educated and a sense of hopelessness, especially among the nation’s youth.  

Guyana is a multi-religious society: there is almost no religious conflict and Christians have freedom to proclaim and live out their faith.



  • IS/IVCF groups in 260 education institutions
  • 10 full-time staff, 4 part-time, several volunteers
  • fledgling graduate fellowship
  • largest student groups have over 80 students
  • smallest student group has 15 students

IS/IVCF Guyana operates in primary, high school and tertiary institutions; the Guyanese education system is generally open to IS/IVCF ministry. The staff are the greatest strength of the movement. They often go beyond the call of duty to ensure that students are reached with the gospel and challenged to live out their faith daily. They also work steadfastly to raise up a band of dedicated student leaders, Christian teachers and volunteers.

The main challenge faced by IS/IVCF is the relatively inadequate human and financial resources for the growth, development and expansion of the ministry.


View from the inside

Fazal Ali, General Secretary of IS/IVCF Guyana is encouraged by fellow workers, both past and present: God has blessed this student movement with a band of faithful, committed and dedicated staff. I am also profoundly inspired by my predecessors who were true servant leaders, leaving a great legacy of loyalty to Christ and commitment to the growth and development of student ministry.’

Matthew 9:35-36 has inspired Fazal’s ministry and vision: ‘Jesus went through all the towns and villages, teaching in their synagogues, proclaiming the good news of the kingdom and healing every disease and sickness.  When he saw the crowds, he had compassion on them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd.’


Please pray for:

  • students to live out their faith and be a transforming influence in their schools, the church and wider society;
  • responsiveness among students to the gospel;
  • God to bless efforts to broaden the ministry partnership network with local churches, graduates and individuals;
  • God’s provision of personnel and tools needed for the growth and expansion of the student ministry.

IS/IVCF Guyana: Hope 2014

IS/IVCF Guyana will be holding Hope 2014, a suicide prevention seminar.

IS/IVCF Guyana

Flemlyn Ragobeer

General Secretary

73 Garnett Street & Stone Avenue
Section 'F' Cambellville


+592 226 3347

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