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Population: 463,000 (2011)

Capital:  Basse-Terre

Official language: French

Major religions: Christianity

IFES movement: Cristal Impact Archipel Guadeloupe (CIA)

In this cluster of islands, which is an overseas department of France, 95% of the population is Roman Catholic. There is freedom of worship, but also strong secularism. Currently there is an increase in violence of all kinds and a rising rate of unemployment among young people.



  • 1 university in 2 locations
  • 1 CIA group of around 10 students on the Fouillole campus
  • 1 potential group in Port Louis; 2 known students currently there
  • 10 volunteers
  • high school ministry exists but meetings have to be held outside the schools

Every year CIA is thankful that, despite the difficulties encountered, there are still students who want to meet. They are also thankful for graduates who have supported the ministry over many years and the good relationship CIA has with churches in general.

The greatest challenge is to find young people who are motivated to restart groups that have stopped meeting. CIA volunteers pray that God keep students faithful and give them the zeal.


View from the inside

Johny Vertino, Chair of the board, writes: ‘The campus groups have struggled this past year: we had two groups, now we have only one. Normally they have their meetings; they hand out leaflets on campus, etc. This year they were on standby until the election of a new student committee who took over in March.’

‘With a new committee for the CIA and the lack of young people involved, we must think of new strategies and ways to integrate young people into groups, how to get them interested.’


Please pray:

  • for God to give wisdom to student leaders that they might stir up Christians on campus to meet and grow in their faith;
  • for wisdom for volunteers as they seek to encourage and equip these small groups.

CIA Guadeloupe

Serge Leinster

General Secretary

1. 64, Résidence Louis Delgrés LA Jaille 2

97122 Baie-Mahault


0590 821 899/ 0690 641 805

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