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Population: 105,000 (2011)

Capital: St. George’s

Official language: English

Major religion: Catholic

IFES movement name: InterSchools Christian Fellowship (ISCF)

Grenada is a picturesque Caribbean island with warm, friendly people and numerous natural tourist attractions. It is a predominantly Christian country with no opposition to Christianity, but nominalism is very widespread. Much of the local church is divided along denominational lines, and there is a struggle to live out the unity that should be evident in the kingdom of God.



  • two tertiary institutions; 1 IFES group and 1 non-affiliated
  • 1 full-time staff worker, around 30 active volunteers
  • no graduates’ ministry
  • high school ministry: 75 students from 8 different schools
  • largest group: 20 at Boca Secondary School
  • smallest group: 4 at Westerhall Secondary

The student movement in Grenada has continued functioning for many years despite the absence of a local staff worker, thanks to the hard work of volunteer sponsors. It is encouraging that many graduates who were positively impacted by the ministry of ISCF are now supporting the movement and desire to see it move forward.

However, it is a challenge to get churches to partner with ISCF, which has the strategic opportunity to influence the youth of the nation through the school system. Many of the church leaders are only willing to invest time, personnel and finances in church programs and do not often have a wider vision for the building of the kingdom of God.


View from the inside

Deborah Dowlath, the only staff worker in Grenada, writes, I experienced the value of unity among believers while a part of the student ministry in my school, and ISCF was responsible for developing many of the leadership qualities that I have today. I would like for other young people to have the opportunity to experience these benefits, and am looking forward to seeing how God can use them to support the ministry even after they have graduated, so the work will continue to subsequent generations’.

John 4:34 is at the core of her ministry: ‘Jesus said, “My food is to do the will of him who sent me and to finish his work.” His will for me now is to work to establish the ministry of ISCF in Grenada, so this is what I have committed myself to do with all that God has invested in me.’


Please pray:

  • that more Christians would see the value of ISCF and be willing to commit to supporting it through prayer, finances and other resources;
  • that Christian young people would be willing to be identified with the Christian groups in their schools;
  • that ISCF student groups would transform the culture of the schools in which they operate.

ISCF Grenada

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General Secretary

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St. George's, Grenada 




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