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Francophone Africa

Francophone Africa has massive economic potential with a wealth of natural resources. However the region is hampered by conflict, corruption and poverty and is suffering from the HIV/AIDS pandemic. Although Christians are increasing in number there is the need for the church to grow in spiritual maturity and have a transforming influence on the region.


Student ministry in Francophone Africa 

  • 19 affiliated movements
  • 3 countries where IFES has no presence (Djibouti, Seychelles and Comoros)
  • 2 regional staff and 1 administrative assistant
  • largest movement in Cameroon (around 800 members)
  • smallest movement in Mauritania (20 members)


The strengths seen in movements across Francophone Africa are a passion for evangelism and mission, and a commitment to bible study. A new generation of leaders are emerging across the movements and this transition needs to be wisely handled. Movements are being encouraged to create solid governance structures which will help these changeovers.

National movements face various challenges, principally to find indigenous financial support, and to provide solid theological grounding for members in the face of a storm of doctrinal confusion.


View from the inside

Augustin Ahoga is the Regional Secretary for Francophone Africa. He says, ‘Students are the backbone of society, the creators of tomorrow, the pillars of each family. When they become Christian many will follow and this will lead to a nation illuminated by Christian values.’

Augustin’s vision and ministry are inspired by many verses including 2 Corinthians 5:17: ‘Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!’


Please pray :

  • for students to find a balance between studies and faith;
  • for students to be well-discipled and anchored to the true gospel;
  • for students and national movements to find innovative and effective ways to raise funds;
  • for more partnerships between national movements and local churches
  • for more staff in francophone Africa.

IFES Francophone Africa

Augustin Ahoga

Regional Secretary

Regional Office 03 BP 345 Cotonou


+229 21 04 59 06


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