EPSA - English- and Portuguese- speaking Africa

Africa has her fair share of challenges, facing issues such as corruption, social injustice, political instability, extreme poverty and the march of the HIV/AIDS pandemic across the region. Yet some encouraging changes are presently going on in Africa: there is an average economic growth rate of 4% and the fight against HIV is producing positive results. One of the most frightening monsters of this age is terrorism. Al-Qaeda, active in Africa through various radical groups such as Boko Haram, Al-Shabaab and MUJAO- Movement for Jihad in West Africa, works hard to discourage the progress in the region. 


Student work in EPSA

  • working with 24 movements
  • pioneering in 4 countries: one exploratory trip made to Somaliland, contacts in Cape Verde Islands and São Tomé, pioneering in Somalia and Príncipe still in the planning stages
  • around 850 campuses
  • more than 140,650 students
  • 185 staff workers


Within the EPSA region there is a real commitment to the IFES Living Stones vision and a strong desire to build up disciples of Christ in the universities. Developing emerging leaders from among student leaders and younger staff workers is another priority. They are greatly encouraged that graduates who now support the work have been equipped to set up intentional mentoring relationships with students.

EPSA works towards building up national movements to witness to students and graduates through different evangelistic outreaches and missions. There is a commitment to provide leadership training for students to equip them to be in positions of leadership across Africa. EPSA is also eager to provide theological training in order to equip staff, through the region’s Institute of Staff Development and Training.


Please pray:

  • for students in the region to be ready to serve in the fellowship by taking up leadership roles;
  • for more graduates of the EPSA region to commit to mentoring one or two students in their area;
  • for safety and courage in an atmosphere of fear, especially in the north east where the staff workers and students are in much great danger and there is currently no ongoing work;
  • for more supporters to get behind the projects within the region both by praying and also by giving their time and financial resources.

Dec 08

Protesting university fees – taking a Christian stand

Posted by Penny Vinden

Students prevented from attending university because they cannot afford the fees? We know this a reality all over the world.

Over the past year, there have been protests about university fees in South Africa under the banner of #FeesMustFall. In the past two months, the unrest became violent in some places. 

Apr 28

The Bible, the battle, the breakthrough – Australia and Zimbabwe work together

Posted by Penny Vinden

Bible study training group, Howard and Nelson, event participants

‘How am I going to deal with the false teaching that is spreading like spiritual cancer in my home country?’

Apr 14

Garissa one year on: Learning from those who survived a massacre

Posted by Philippa White

A year ago this month, gunmen stormed Garissa University, killing 147 students in a 15-hour siege. The attack was carried out by Somali-based Islamist extremists who targeted Christians. FOCUS Kenya students, some at a 5am prayer meeting, made up 22 of the dead and many of the injured.

Aug 13

Fundraising: is it giving or getting?

Posted by Penny Vinden

Fundraising is difficult. We often present our needs to people and get little or no response. We want to remind them that Jesus said ‘it is more blessed to give than to receive’! But sometimes we struggle with believing that ourselves. We find it hard to keep on giving, even in the face of our own need.

Jul 28

Responding to Garissa: lament and love

Posted by Philippa White

Abwamu lay on the floor and smeared herself in blood so that terrorists would think she was dead. Dorcas squeezed into the top of a wardrobe with a friend and endured baking temperatures as she hid all day. A male student lay under a bed, watched his roommates being shot and decided what he would say to the terrorists before they killed him.

Jun 25

25 years of unity: TAFES Tanzania celebrates nationwide growth

Posted by Arthur Davis

Eliapenda Chuwa, founder of TAFES Tanzania / students celebrate across the country / TAFES National Director Mathew Massawe speaks at the national celebration in Boko.

In 1978, one man had a vision to see university students united around the Bible.

Apr 16

Remembering Chibok

Posted by Penny Vinden

Last Tuesday, 14 April, marked one year since the terror group Boko Haram kidnapped some 270 schoolgirls from Chibok Nigeria. Boko Haram has continued their brutal attacks unabated since then.

What is it like to conduct student ministry in this context? A student from the northern part of the country, where the killings and abductions are most frequent, gave this report:

Apr 09

Kenya: mourning with those who mourn

Posted by Penny Vinden

A week ago, as the Christian world celebrated Maundy Thursday, Kenyan students were confronted with the opportunity to do what Peter failed to do on that day – to confess that yes, they knew Jesus.

Reports from survivors indicate that those who said they were Christians were immediately killed.

Twenty-two FOCUS Kenya students killed as they prayed, a total of 142 students dead.

Apr 02

Ebola: not giving up

Posted by Tim Johnson


LIFES Liberia staff and students (wearing white printed shirts) distributed sanitary equipment and food to families in Paynesville affected by the virus—through quarantine or losing a family member themselves.

‘We praise God for being privileged to shine God’s light at a time when millions had given up.’ (Matthew Brima, GS of SLEFES Sierra Leone)


West Africa staff workers: training

Staff workers from the West Africa sub-region of EPSA will meet for training in further implementation of the IFES vision.



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