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East Asia is a dynamic region with political systems from democracy to communism, economically developed countries and vibrantly developing countries, and a wide variety of histories, cultures and languages. Every country has large numbers of young people who are the driving force in the transformation of society. Christians in East Asia are struggling both to find their identity based on a personal relationship with God, and to be salt and light as God’s people in fast-changing societies.

Student ministry in East Asia

  • largest movement is Perkantas Indonesia with 20,000+ students
  • smallest movement is FES Cambodia with 40 members
  • there are several pioneering countries with very few members  

One of the most exciting things to happen in East Asia has been the pioneering ministry in Cambodia and Mongolia. These were initiated through partnerships among IFES movements in East Asia, and have been established through collaboration of student leaders from different movements.

The greatest strength of East Asia is their student leaders: they take responsibility for communicating the gospel with non-believers and leading groups in each campus. The main challenges that students face are materialism and uncertainty about the future. Students sometimes focus on themselves rather than seeing the big picture of what God is doing and can do through them.

Please pray:

  • for students can be transformed by the Word of God;
  • for students to get a vision for God’s kingdom and to contribute to nation-building with love and compassion.

Oct 13

Timor Leste: One Year On

Posted by Chris Herbert

19 September 2015. We will remember this day as the day we set foot on the ‘Ground of Hope’, Timor Leste.

Quite a challenging year! An exciting wait to see what God had in store for student ministry in Timor Leste. Learning the language. Understanding the culture. Hearing stories from individuals. Seeing the way things actually happen in a new country. These were some challenges that brought tears to my eyes in this first year.

Aug 18

Honouring my parents: can I say ‘no’?

Posted by Penny Vinden

Obon is an annual Buddhist event for honouring one's ancestors that is taking place in mid-August. It is believed that each year during Obon, the ancestors' spirits return to this world to visit their relatives.

Jun 16

I have a dream… in Timor Leste

Posted by Penny Vinden

‘Timor Leste is one of the East Asia region’s newest nations. After decades of struggle, it officially gained its independence from Indonesia in 2002,’ writes Annette Arulrajah, Associate Regional Secretary for East Asia. ‘Being poor and still largely underdeveloped, Timorese people have often looked to foreigners to raise their standard of living or to give them hope for a better tomorrow.

May 12

Loving your neighbour – Thailand and Japan ‘pre-empt’ World Student Day

Posted by Penny Vinden

When KGK Japan chose the theme for their national conference, they didn’t know it was the theme for this year’s IFES World Student Day! All they knew was that they wanted to love their neighbour. 

Feb 11

IVCF Philippines cares for creation!

Posted by Penny Vinden

‘We were still meters away but I could already smell the coast. I was so excited the night before our coastal clean-up because I would be able to help nature and restore its beauty. But I also felt pity because I never thought that people like us could destroy something so beautiful that God has given us.’ (Mae, a student)

May 21

When the conference is over: Singapore students keep going

Posted by Penny Vinden

So you’ve just attended a student conference or camp. The fellowship was fantastic! The worship was amazing! You’re excited and enthusiastic about the future!

But then… back to reality. There are essays to write, problems with relationships, families to keep happy, fun times and difficult times. The conference excitement and the lessons learned start to grow dim.

Nov 18

Umbrellas and democracy: students in Hong Kong lead the way

Posted by Penny Vinden

For over a month a student-led revolution has filled the streets of Hong Kong. With the eyes of the world upon them, peaceful protestors have called for the government to rescind laws that they claim make Hong Kong a ‘fake democracy’.

The protest has been dubbed The Umbrella Movement, after umbrellas were used to fend off the tear gas, water guns, and pepper spray that police used to try and disperse the gathering.

Oct 16

Japan and South Korea: Students working for reconciliation

Posted by Penny Vinden

Tomorrow the IFES family celebrates World Student Day. We rejoice that we are a global family as we lift one another up in prayer.

But in any family there are sometimes disagreements or difficult relationships. While we recognize that this is true in the IFES family, we are grateful that we are united by a God who has broken down the barriers of hostility between groups and brought us peace (Ephesians 2:14-27).

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