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Dominican Republic

Population: 10.1 million (2011)

Capital: Santo Domingo

Official language: Spanish

Major religion: Christianity

IFES movement: Asociación Dominicana de Estudiantes Evangélicos (ADEE)

The Dominican Republic shares an island in the Caribbean with Haiti. Roman Catholics are the majority but evangelical churches have seen significant growth in recent years. There is religious freedom, but there is a need for Christians to understand the gospel clearly and differentiate it from the many teachings that do not correspond with biblical truth.



  • 46 higher education institutions, 72 campuses
  • ADEE groups on 10 campuses; pioneering on 5 others
  • 1 full-time and 2 part-time staff, 4 volunteers
  • graduate ministry: about 50 graduates
  • 7 groups in secondary schools with an average of 20 members
  • largest student group at Technology University of Santiago (35 members)
  • smallest at OYM University in Santiago (3 members)

ADEE is thankful for the work that has lasted for 50 years. In the southern and the eastern region of the country, the work has been renewed and students have committed themselves to keep sharing their faith with the classmates. God has proved his faithfulness by providing for the needs through the support of graduates and students in the country and other IFES movements.

The main challenge is the educational context. Most college students also have jobs so have little free time. The movement needs to adapt their evangelism strategies to meet this reality.


View from the inside

Rosa Brito Correa, the General Secretary of the ADEE says, ‘The university is a place of change, students are at the age where they can take on big challenges and make decisions about their faith. What keeps me excited is the hope of a better country through our graduates pursuing integrity in every area of their lives’.

She adds, ‘When I attended my first bible study meeting at the university some 30 years ago, the studied text was Psalm 1. I was impressed to discover a different interpretation of this Psalm and have not forgotten it since: an emphasis on personal study of the bible with responsibility and humility’


Please pray:

  • for more staff workers to mentor and train the new groups;
  • that students would share their faith with joy and constancy;
  • for leaders of each local group to pass on the vision and guide others in implementing the mission;
  • for more committed Christian students and more non-believers to participate in the Bible studies.

ADEE Dominican Republic

Devora Almengo

General Secretary

Calle Benigno del Castillo #4 Altos, esquina calle Salcedo, San Carlos Santo Domingo


+1 809 689 8110


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