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Population: 150.5 million (2011)

Capital: Dhaka

Official language: Bengali  

Major religion: Islam

IFES movement: Bible Students Fellowship of Bangladesh (BSFB)

Bangladesh is a predominantly Muslim country that experiences frequent natural disasters. It is challenging to be a Christian in Bangladesh but there are many opportunities to be salt and light in local communities and to share the gospel with other faiths.



  • 22 state universities, 49 private universities
  • 62 BSFB groups
  • 10 full-time, 4 part-time staff, 7 volunteers
  • existing graduate ministry
  • largest student group at Malumghat (85 members)
  • smallest group at Adampur (5 members)

Christians are not allowed to establish bible study groups on campuses so most groups are located in Christian hostels, school compounds and churches. Student leaders have been receiving a ‘challenge to action’ from the movement’ s leadership training events and most of them have become ambassadors to establish new bible study groups. God is also raising up many worship leaders who are volunteering in various student camps and bible studies.

The movement is praying that they will see lifelong, committed graduates to support the ministry sacrificially. After completing their studies graduates become so involved with their professions that many of them forget the blessing of student ministry.


View from the inside

Peter Mazumder is the General Secretary of BSFB: ‘I am involved because I am observing how many students are receiving salvation experience though student ministry; even my two daughters accepted Jesus Christ as their personal saviour! A great number of students from different bible study groups are sacrificially making the effort to participate in our camps and conferences in order to learn from the word of God though inductive and manuscript bible studies.’

Peter cites 2 Timothy 2:2 as an inspiration for his ministry: ‘And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others.’


Please pray:

  • for more long term staff workers;
  • for committed graduate supporters;
  • for funding for the on-going construction of a training centre.

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