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Light a torch to ignite the hearts of students

Help get 200 scholarship participants to World Assembly

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World Assembly has been an invaluable experience for thousands down the years. It’s a time to get re-envisioned about student ministry. A time to hear from God and learn from movements around the world. A time for story-telling and strategic decision-making. The impact of World Assembly stretches across the globe as delegates take home a torch that God uses to ignite the hearts of those around them.

The IFES gathering, World Assembly, happens once every four years. This year it will be hosted by the South African IFES movement, SCO. Around 1,200 people from the global fellowship – students, staff, scholars, board members, graduates and supporters – will gather together for a week in July.

We’ve identified over 200 participants who need scholarships to attend this global gathering. Could you give $10 today to help fund these scholarships?

IFES has only ever grown when people take bold steps to go, supported by brothers and sisters who give and pray for them. Whatever you can give today will help get a fellow believer to World Assembly and make a global impact for the gospel.

We are in this mission together.

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Meet our scholars:

We asked six scholarship recipients to share why it’s so important to them to be at World Assembly 2019. As you read, please prayerfully consider giving to the World Assembly scholarship fund to enable people like these to be part of World Assembly this year.

Áron: to learn how to engage the university

Áron studies special needs education. He is a student leader with MEKDSZ, the IFES movement in Hungary.

“We have challenges as an organisation, but I would say our biggest challenges are personal. We already know a lot about apologetics and theology, but we don't put it into practice. There is a tendency for our groups to become Christian bubbles. But our mission is to engage the university and build relationships with non-believers. To do that we have to overcome our fear and unbelief. I hope that through World Assembly I will be encouraged by others and better equipped to help the students in my group to engage the university.”

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Alexandrina: to share what God is doing in our movement

Alexandrina is in her second year studying primary education and English language in Moldova. She is part of the local IFES movement, CSC, leading a prayer group and an evangelistic English club.

“I am looking forward to meeting students from different countries and learning from each other. Sharing our experiences is very important. We want to make known among the nations what God has done in our country, and how wonderful are His works! I want to share about our English clubs. This year we started four English clubs, attended by more than 60 students. Every lesson we read a passage from the Bible. We are happy because we were able to build strong relationships with students. The students are receptive and open to the message of the gospel.”

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Mathieu: to find new ideas for ministry in a changing context

Mathieu is the General Secretary of GBUCI, the IFES movement in Côte d'Ivoire.

“We have recently started groups in three new public universities. One challenge we face is that Islam has grown in our country in recent years. It is not yet violent, but Christian activities are starting to be restricted on campuses. It is therefore necessary to train and support students both in their efforts to create new groups and in their resilience in this increasingly hostile context.

Attending such a gathering is a great opportunity for training, sharing and mutual encouragement. I want to leave World Assembly with new ideas to strengthen our work. I would also like to establish partnerships with other movements whose experiences could be beneficial to our student ministry.”

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Aida: to prepare for pioneering in a new country

Aida has recently finished studying in Barcelona where she has been involved as a student leader in the Spanish IFES movement, GBU. Now she is preparing to move to Equatorial Guinea to help pioneer a student movement there.

“I think going to World Assembly is a great opportunity to broaden my vision of student ministry globally. I hope to meet other students who want to live their lives in an integral way for the Lord and be a witness on campus. I also hope to receive practical training and understand how God works in other countries. It’s really important for me to get to know other people doing pioneering work, and to meet students and staff from the region, particularly from the countries neighbouring Equatorial Guinea.”

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Lee Roy: to get inspired

Lee Roy is a first-year student of biochemistry at the University of the Philippines. He’s involved in his local IFES group. 

“I'm looking forward to meeting fellow believers from all around the world and hearing how God is moving in their lives and universities. I want to bring home a torch that God will use to ignite the hearts of those around me.” 

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Robel: to learn from other movements about fundraising

Robel is the General Secretary of the IFES ministry in Ethiopia, EvaSUE.

“EvaSUE is the fastest-growing student movement in the IFES family. It is also the largest movement together with FOCUS Kenya – both with more than 45,000 students. EvaSUE has grown in staff size in recent decades, and now the staff size numbers nearly 70. Every year around 4,000 students come to Christ through EvaSUE ministry. I would like to share these exciting stories at World Assembly.

However, these stories also pose a huge challenge for the office of EvaSUE, which struggles with a lack of resources. I would like to learn from the experience of other national movements in fundraising and resource mobilisation strategies.”

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Abiola: to celebrate our affiliation

Abiola studies medicine and is a student representative from ISCCF, the IFES movement in St Vincent & The Grenadines. The movement will affiliate to IFES at World Assembly.

“I want to bring back revival and help build a nation of ISCCF youth hungry and thirsty for God, seeking to go and preach the gospel to every youth group. I want to be used to share God’s goodness from the event with the entire body of ISCCF in my country and in the Caribbean.”

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Support our scholars

These are only a handful of the 200+ scholars we want to send to World Assembly in July. All around the world we are fundraising to ensure that all our national movements have equal opportunity to participate. With a full conference fee of $925, plus travel costs, these delegates need our help.

Your gift will help to ensure that the delegates in South Africa include those from all backgrounds and all IFES movements. Whatever the amount you are able to give, your donation could make all the difference for someone like Abiola or Áron.

Give now to support a World Assembly Scholarship:

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