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Areas of need

We are so grateful for donations from people like you, whose generosity makes it possible for IFES ministry around the world to move forward.

You can be part of this by giving to support global mission or by giving towards projects in specific regions. Here are some current areas of need where your support would be particularly appreciated:

Give to IFES World Assembly 2019

Happening only once every four years, World Assembly is a unique gathering of students and staff from each national movement in IFES.  Representatives from 160+ countries come together to share how God is at work in our ministry, engage with scripture, learn from each other, and seek out our vision for the future.   

It is also a time to welcome new national movements into our global fellowship.  This is the only time pioneering movements can become officially affiliated with IFES, so it is always a powerful time to celebrate God building up new university ministries all over the world. 

The next World Assembly is being held in South Africa on 3-11 July 2019, with the theme of “Messengers of Hope.  The University in God’s Story.”   

Our prayer is that every participant will leave with a renewed sense of hope in Jesus, and a deeper calling to be messengers of hope in today’s world. 

Will you help us come together for World Assembly as we hear God’s plans for IFES and universities around the world? 

Find out more about World Assembly 2019.

Meet some of the scholarship recipients attending World Assembly 2019

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Give to IFES Core Mission

“I warmly commend the work of IFES. It would be hard to imagine a group that is more strategic. Everywhere I go I meet Christian leaders whose lives have been touched by the IFES emphasis on biblical evangelism and discipleship.”Dr Billy Graham 

The students of today are the leaders of tomorrow. Yet universities – although they are centres of thought, leadership and innovation – on the whole fail to engage with foundational Christian truths. As a result, students are being sent into the world unprepared to be the leaders of faith and integrity that the world so desperately needs. 

The opportunity is before us to reach the lost, disciple young believers, and train future leaders for a lifetime of service. In this critical time, we sense God’s call to advance the presence of a vibrant Christian witness in every university. 

Our Core Mission advances this vision of IFES through evangelism, pioneering, leadership development, and strengthening national movements in over 160 countries. 

Will you support our Core Mission and strengthen student ministry around the world? 

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Give to specific regional needs

IFES regional teams work alongside national movement leaders to provide training, mentoring and resources to strengthen student ministry and respond to unexpected needs. With many of our movements facing challenges like small staff teams, limited resources and hostile governments, the regional support is invaluable.

Current needs in our regions include the following: 

IFES Caribbean: Graduates Ministry – making the transition to working life can be hard, and the team are keen to equip local movements to provide the best support for graduates. Give now.  

IFES East Asia: Pioneering in Timor-Leste – Two cross cultural staff sent by FES Malaysia are pioneering ministry here. Two Bible study groups recently started on campus! Give now. 

IFES English- and Portuguese-speaking Africa: Staff Training – each year movement staff are training in ministry skills and theology, helping them to serve students more effectively. Give now. 

IFES Europe: Staff salaries – IFES Europe have increased their staff team recently in response to regional needs, but not all have yet been able to raise the funds for their own support. Give now. 
IFES Eurasia: Formación – this student leader training scheduled for summer 2019 is vital in equipping leaders and overcoming barriers between students from different countries. Give now. 
IFES Francophone Africa: Regional Missions Conference – The ‘Panaf’ will gather 550 participants to inspire them to be missionaries on their campuses and for life! Give now.
IFES Latin America: Leadership Development Conference Student Leadership Development – EFEC student leader training for student leaders in the Spanish speaking Caribbean will equip them to lead and disciple others. Give now. 
IFES Middle East and North Africa: IFES MENA Publishing House – help IFES meet the need for evangelical Christian literature speaking into the MENA region student context. Give now. 
IFES South Asia: Regional Strategy Meeting – International Student Ministry – help the regional team provide support for national movements seeking to develop their ministry to international students. Give now.
IFES South Pacific: SPARC: Regional Pioneering – There are many Pacific islands without student ministry. Your donation will help the IFES regional team to plant new student groups. Give now.

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