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Pioneering Ministry 

"Change the university and you the world" - Charles Habib Malik, Former President of the UN General Assembly

Since our beginnings in 1947 our calling has been to establish a vibrant Christian witness in every university of the world. While we are now present in over 160 countries, there are still many places to be reached. With worldwide student numbers forecast to grow to 262 million by 2025 our mission field is rapidly expanding. Pioneering, or planting new student groups and movements, is a priority for IFES. Your prayers and donations can help take the gospel to students in new countries and into new universities and colleges.

Your gift to IFES Pioneering Work will support ground-breaking student ministry in countries around the world. Presently, IFES Europe is building ministry in Luxembourg. IFES in the Caribbean has recently appointed local staff on islands where there is little or no outreach to students. We seek to continue our pioneering work, even in places where Christianity is actively opposed or illegal, and are pioneering in many sensitive countries around the world.

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Africa Institutes

A matching gift opportunity.

The best training in theological and ministry skills is highly contextual, connecting participants with God’s word, and applications that are relevant for the realities of each culture. IFES trains emerging leaders, in national movements, who will be competent and responsive to the needs of the local university and community. 

Leadership development is pivotal for our future. Today, we have staff training centres in two IFES regions in Africa, in which more than 40% of our student ministry is located.

The Institute of Staff Development and Training (ISDT) in Jos, Nigeria, serves national movements in English- and Portuguese-speaking Africa.

The African Centre for Contemporary Christianity (CACC) in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire, serves national movements in Francophone Africa.

Presently the demand for training outstrips our capacity, but we are thankful that through the generosity of one donor, your gift to Training Institutes in Africa will be matched! 

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IFES Core Mission Fund

“I warmly commend the work of IFES. It would be hard to imagine a group that is more strategic. Everywhere I go I meet Christian leaders whose lives have been touched by the IFES emphasis on biblical evangelism and discipleship.” - Dr Billy Graham

The students of today are the leaders of tomorrow. Yet universities – although they are centres of thought, leadership and innovation – on the whole fail to engage with foundational Christian truths. As a result, students are being sent into the world unprepared to be the leaders of integrity that the world so desperately needs.

The opportunity is before us to reach the lost, disciple young believers, and train future leaders for a lifetime of service. In this critical time, we sense God’s call to advance the presence of a vibrant Christian witness in every university.

Our Core Mission Fund advances evangelism, pioneering, leadership development, and strengthens national movements.

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