FEUER still on fire!

Nov 05
Posted by Penny Vinden (05 Nov 2015)

EUS Serbia, Credo Sweden, CCX Ukraine

To say that FEUER is on fire is not just a bad joke (in German, ‘Feuer’ means ‘fire’). It’s not literally true either. But… it does give you some idea of the passion, strength and speed with which FEUER (Fellowship of Evangelists in the Universities of Europe) is conducting mission events throughout Europe. In the first half of this year there were FEUER events in more than 150 universities in 30 European countries. While many of these mission weeks were held in Great Britian, Albania held 3, Denmark 2, Norway 10, Serbia and Montenegro 2, Spain 5, Ukraine 2. And Moldova, Belarus, Romania, Bosnia, Netherlands, Austria, Sweden and Switzerland, amongst others, also held missions.

We recently told you about the mission week held by GBU Spain. Here are highlights from two other countries.

Marko from Serbia writes, ‘Novi Sad is the second largest university in Serbia. It is very secular. We tried very hard to organize a debate at university but we were not welcomed. But that didn’t discourage us. We rented one of most popular coffee shops in centre of the university instead!

‘The topic for the whole week was “The Search”. On Monday we had a debate with the Atheist Society.  About 100 people came. On Wednesday and Thursday we had about 70 students and 40% of them were non-Christians. It was so powerful to see a room full of people four nights in a row. Twenty-two new students left their contact details for follow-up.’

Gustaf Thunqvist writes from Credo Sweden: ‘We held Sceptics Week in Stockholm in March. It featured an internal launch gathering, two debates and six lunch talks on three different campuses. Everything was filmed and published on our Facebook page for the event. Our students were helped by folk from Credo Academy [a study centre founded by the former General Secretary of Credo that teaches students cultural analysis, worldview studies, apologetics, evangelism, and discipleship]. They were involved in conducting surveys on campus before the events, preparing sandwiches and handing out flyers.

‘Overall the mobilization of the Christian students on campus was the weakest link. Here we have some work to be done. The Christian students involved were very happy and the turn-out was good, especially at the engineering college. Several people professed faith – we are hoping to include more campuses next spring.’

This spring, CCX Ukraine students in Kharkov held their first mission week in the Central University and saw how much God is working among the students! During the event 250 students heard the gospel and 10 of them responded to the call to dedicate their lives to the Lord.

Now Kharkov is in the middle of their second mission (2-6 November). The theme this time is "Christianity without censure". The organisers write with excitement about gaining permission to officially hold events on three campuses: ‘We will be able to talk to students about God, urging them to follow Christ - and this is a miracle! And this great work of God has united the work of 10 churches and about 60 people in one mission: mission in the university. 

‘Pray that the project would bring fruit and the churches in Kharkov will welcome new-born students.’

Tomorrow the annual conference of FEUER will meet in France – 100 university evangelists from 36 European and Eurasian countries will gather together from 6-9 November. The event will be followed by mission weeks in Albania, France and Switzerland. Will you pray for the training of young evangelists and for the lives of many non-Christians to be touched at this time?


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